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Welcome to my IELTS website

Hi my name is Dominic Cole and I hope I can help you fulfil your dreams by showing you how you can get your score in IELTS.


Do you want me as your teacher? If so, this is what I'd encourage you to do:

  • know the test
  • focus your learning
  • be organised
  • practise
  • but not just to practise IELTS - too much IELTS really isn't good for you
  • learn better English
  • remember the best learners are people who teach themselves
  • communicate - language is communication
  • be interested and try to enjoy it!!
  • not give up - it really can work out

If you're interested, you can learn a little more about me and my ideas here:

More about me 

Featured lesson

Take my latest lesson


Read think write your way to better essays

A lesson encouraging IELTS learners to use the read think write method to make their essays more coherent. To write better, it helps to read as you go.If I have helped you with these ideas and resources, please share them

Learn a little but often

In the news todays is exam results and career opportunities. Try reading these articles and you can learn these useful phrases:

GCSE results day - Birmingham mail - excellent for career language 

vocational and technical qualifications

today's workplace


GCSE results set to be revealed - BBC news - excellent for trend and statistics language:

a major change

a slight increase in the number

a continuing decline

New to IELTS? Or just stuck?

The place to start is to learn the rules of the game.

Here is a quick start guide to help you on the right way.

Learn how it all works 

You could also test yourself to see what you already know here:

Test your knowledge 

Find a tutor to help you learn 

One way I try to help you on this site is showing you tutors who can work with you and sort out your problems. This is the current featured tutor - there are many more inside.

Just get into contact with me 

After quite a long break I am now back working on the site and new content will be appearing soon. If you have a particular problem you need solved, let me know. Please do also get in contact with me if you have found something wrong/missing and I'll get it fixed.

Send me an email 


If I have helped you with these ideas and resources, please share them
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